About Us

100% Indigenous owned and led business specialising in Mentoring and Pre-employment services. With over 12 years of experience in the Education and Employment sector our mission is to support Indigenous, socially disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in finding meaningful employment through leadership, resilience, cultural strengthening and mentoring programs.

Using a contextualised approach of local knowledge within a national framework and a culturally safe environment we work with individuals and organisations to facilitate industry-tailored programs and services.

Our staff are committed to creating a balanced learning environment based on values of mutual respect and empowerment and identifying those individuals that require extra guidance to ensure they have the essential skills and support to succeed.

We hope to create a new generation of change mindsets amongst our community. We are all part of the future of Reconciliation.  We welcome partnerships between Indigenous and non-indigenous companies and believe this is the heart of future success stories.

Our Vision

To reflect, commit and deliver facilitated programs with our focus on improving the lives of Indigenous Australians, Migrants, Refugee & Asylum Seekers in collective efforts of closing the gap.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the lives of families and communities through education, employment, economic development and social participation with facilitated programs that impact individuals to upskill their personal/professional development and enhance their careers.

Our Values

Nerdu Badji education values

Tiffany Hunter - Founder and Head mentor

Tiffany Hunter is a Taungurung woman from East Victoria and Director and Lead Counsellor at Nerdu Badji Education.

With over 12 years ‘experience in the education and employment sector, Tiffany is living out her passion and goals of owning and directing a mentorship business that provides a network of like-minded individuals that draw on experiences and support each other to reach goals and full-fill life to its greatest potential.

“Getting to this point was not without hard work and determination. “says Tiffany. With an intense upbringing and with the heavy pain that exists within her past she knows the importance of being independent and to believe in people that can’t feel a sense of self-belief.

Having one person believe and see her potential made her feel as though her goals could become her reality. “I believe when we strengthen our cultural identity we understand where we are headed and what we can achieve.” Tiffany explains

Tiffany created Nerdu Badji Education to inspire, encourage and empower those from disadvantaged backgrounds and help to create a better life. It was important to her to provide the community access to training and education programs that help with gaining sustainable and meaningful employment with a holistic mentoring approach.2

“All it takes is one person to believe in you to have self belief.”

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