Pre-Employment Program

Empower Connect Employ

Empower Connect Employ Program

designed to suit jobseekers

Our ECE program gives people practical skills to help them get a job, apprenticeship or traineeship. Our priority is to ensure our program leads to employment in occupations with skills shortages and difficult to fill occupations.

Our program consists of 3 stages, with a series of skills covered in each stage. Watch our video of past participants and the impact the program had on them.

  • Aboriginal History
  • Connection to country
  • Family & Kinship
  • Role models
  • Smoking ceremony
  • Resilience skills
  • Resilience in the workplace
  • Qualities of a resilient person
  • Leadership concept and qualities
  • Leadership styles and practices
  • Role models and leaders
  • Leadership in the workplace
  • Protecting your identity
  • Workplace culture
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Resolution of conflicts in the workplace
  • Time management skills
  • Study plans
  • Resume skills
  • Interview skills
  • Advocacy and alliance work
  • Organisation structures
  • Attraction & Recruitment
  • Employer expectations
  • Work ready qualities
  • Australian workplace

We take our participants through a journey of self-discovery and reflection through a Spiritual Healing Trail, Cultural Strengthening Modules, 1:1 Mentoring and specific training topics that build their skills whilst focussing on getting our participants into work.

Our online module topics can be found here to strengthen individual’s culture.

We provide participants with a Mentoring Journal for 1:1 Mentoring sessions with our culturally appropriate specialised mentor.

Our program is tailored for individual groups and can go anywhere from 1 week up to a 6-week duration of an intense, impactful program.  A minimum of 6 participants with a maximum of 16 per program.

We tailor for different cohorts

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