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Mentorship Program

Empower Connect Mentor Program

About the program


Mentorship is beneficial throughout all aspects of a person’s life, it is inspirational, encouraging and empowering. Our thriving and impactful mentorship programs are designed to build and empower leaders within organisations with personalised mentoring skills and personal development training. Together we help build, support and encourage new and junior employees confidence to improve their skills and advance their careers through mentorship. The program provides Mentees with suggestions and knowledge and broadens their professional network.

We partner with organisation, businesses, and Education institutes that share common core goals to support holistic wrap around services throughout the program. 

Programs are tailored to organisation wishing to boost productivity and performance through workplace diversity and increase Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander employees.


features of the program

Mentors are paired with mentees based on key matching criteria such as hierarchy, location, skills, goals, inclusion and more. Mentors provide 1:1 mentoring support to Mentees to boost productivity, build a network of professionals and cross cultural support for career progression.

Mentoring & Leadership Training

Access to online training in Mentoring and Leadership covering topics such as what is mentoring and the importance of mentoring.

Masterclasses & Workshops

Tailored Masterclasses and Workshops have been developed to help facilitate both Mentors and Mentees during the program.

Cultural Strengthening

Cultural competence training offered to all mentors and mentees and can improve productivity and performance. 

1:1 Check in

Ongoing support from our mentor specialist that will provide empowerment, connection, direction & acceleration.

specialised cohorts

  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander’s
  • Refugee and/or Asylum Seekers
  • Women & Women at Risk
  • VCAL Students
  • VCE Students
  • Apprentices, Traineeships & Cadetships


Partnered Industries

  • Schools
  • Businesses & Organisations
  • Job Active Services
  • Registered Training Providers
  • Group Training Organisations
  • Child & Youth Services                                                                                                                              

Our partners


"The EPIC program as a whole is fantastic, particularly the mentoring aspect as it really helps provide the support the cadets need, particularly in adapting to new environments and learning to adjust to the different people they’ve had to work with. Having that mentor pairing gives them a safe place to fall back on should they have any concerns or issues they’re not comfortable raising on their own."
EPIC Mentor
"EPIC is a life changing program as it gave us the opportunity to get into the industry and work on massive infrastructure projects. At the same time, we got a local qualification from Swinburne university to fill the gap because we are from a different background from an engineering perspective and learn from industries 's experts from various disciplines."

EPIC Cadet
I believe that one of the biggest goals of the program was to train people for delivering the significant amount of work that is needed in the 10 or 15 years ahead, by benefiting from skilled people who are immigrants or asylum seekers with qualifications to give these people a chance to work and feel better about themselves, and also to learn and earn an Australian qualification and work experience.

EPIC Cadet

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